Cartoons reduce the narrative to its most dramatic moments. I enjoy the simplicity, the clarity, and the freedom to use interesting perspectives.

My first dip in the cartooning pool came with the cartoon strip, "Peggy Starr: PR Professional," for Oak Ridge Public Relations' newsletter, "Public Elations" which won the IABC Award of Excellence, a Joey, and The Communicator Crystal Award.


Peggy Starr, PR Professional

custom superheroes

Creating cartoon versions of real-life superheroes is something I sincerely enjoy. Write to me for pricing.


Historic Mountain View Coloring Book

Designed for the City's Centennial, I created a dozen hand drawn historic illustrations for a coloring book.


near-sighted monkey journal

The amazing cartoonist Lynda Barry has made her cartooning class assignments available online and I have enjoyed following along. She has inspired me to keep a cartooning journal and rediscover my love of drawing by hand.